Social media is everywhere nowadays and everyone seems to have at least some online presence. Because of this, it is now more important than ever for a business to also have an online presence and use it to advertise, answer customer questions and also to do business. This article will give a brief insight into the benefits of using social media for businesses.


Social media offers businesses the chance to get to know their customer better than ever. You can follow and read your customers’ tweets and statuses to gain a further insight into their life. This can help companies with their business strategy, targeting services or products towards the lifestyle of their target market. Another advantage in online interaction with customers is that it makes them feel more connected to the business itself. For example, if a customer has a query and can ask the company via their Facebook or Twitter page, they may be more likely to become a loyal customer as they know that they have a direct and instant way of communicating with the company.

Because social media is instant, your company will be in a better situation to discover any problems with products and will be able to resolve issues quickly. Therefore, one advantage of using social media for business is the increased interaction with customers that is able to help with both answering customer queries and improving marketing strategies to better suit customers.

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Using social media is a great way to promote your business. Many companies spend millions on producing the perfect television advert however for most this is simply not a viable option. Instead social media can be used to promote a business at a much lower and affordable cost. Simply creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account can allow customers to know you're there. The power of sharing posts with mutual friends is huge and a company can reach out to thousands if not millions. Viral videos are a good example of this, if your company can produce a funny, sad or just entertaining clip it could be shared enough to actually work more effectively than a television advert. Social networks are therefore a perfect way to promote your business for a very cheap cost.


Social media allows your business to make new connections through websites like linkedin and even using the twitter hash tag. A linkedin page for your business provides an opportunity to engage with customers and followers but it also allows you to share experiences and business tips. The twitter hash tag can also be used to make new connections. By simply searching a hash tag that is popular and relevant to your business, you can follow people interested in talking about things relevant to your business. This can be used to make new connections and also to find new customers.

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Standing Out from the Competition

By having an entertaining social media presence your business may be able to attract new customers and a large following. A good example of this is the company Paddy Power. To stand out from the competition, Paddy Power prides itself in quick wit and making relevant sports jokes which its customers enjoy. Although the posts and tweets from the Paddy Power account are often not to do with their latest products or services, they have been able to use comedy as a form of advertising through online social media. Their customer base has grown tenfold since the beginning of their online social media marketing campaign and they prove that by having an entertaining online presence a company can successfully advertise at a very low cost.

Finally, your business needs a presence on social media because your competitors use it and so do your customers. Although you may not be used to social media and it may seem a little daunting at first, your competitors will be using social media to their advantage. If this is the case you’re going to want to add social media to your marketing strategy or face losing a percentage of potential customers. If your competitors have not yet learned the benefits of a social media campaign - even better! Your business can be the first to take the step towards online marketing before they do.

There are therefore a number of important reasons for taking advantage of social media for business use. It allows you to connect and learn about your customers, provides cost effective advertising campaigns and allows you to promote yourself to more people than you ever thought possible.

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