Our Bonded Internet Solutions can combine multiple internet services in to one connection to significantly increase your existing internet speeds.

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Bonded Internet

You may have heard of load balancing, which spreads your internet activity evenly over multiple services. Bonded internet takes this process a step further, combining multiple services in to a single connection.

Our bonded internet solutions are far superior to traditional load balancing solutions, offering faster speeds and a better service.

We can combine multiple types of internet connections together and even monitor your connection live. Our team are notified within 60 seconds if there is ever an issue, meaning that with your permission we can get you back up and running remotely or log a fault with your internet provider on your behalf.

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Semi Bond & Full Bond

We offer two different types of solutions for bonded internet, semi-bonded and full-bonded. Each internet service has a unique IP address, with semi-bonded your internet uses a different IP for every connection.

For businesses which require a single dedicated IP for their internet connection we offer a full-bond that combines connections with a single IP.

One of our experienced consultants can meet with you to discuss your requirements and determine whether a semi-bond or full-bond solution meets the needs of your business. Call us today by visiting our contact page to book in a free consultation.

Still have questions?

Bonded internet isn't a service many companies can offer, so it wouldn't be suprising if you have never heard of it. This is why we have included some of the most common questions about bonded internet below.

Quantility Group Bonded Internet - How fast is it?

The simple answer to this question is, as fast as you want it to be. Your speeds depend on how many internet services you are combining in to one connection. This can be anything from 2 internet services to 4,500.

Generally our customers will combine between 2 to 4, but we have customers combining as many as 9. We can combine ADSL services together to achieve speeds faster than the NBN.

Quantility Group Bonded Internet - How does it work?

Our bonded internet solutions use routers provided by Quantility Group that are specially configured by our network engineers. Our router connects a modem from each internet service active at your premises and combines them.

The router then handles all of your internet traffic, managing the traffic and combining the capabilities of your internet services together.

Quantility Group Bonded Internet - What are the benefits?

As more business applications move to the cloud, it’s becoming a requirement for almost every business to have fast and reliable internet to access these applications. From accounting software to CRMs, if your internet is slow and unresponsive it can cause massive headaches for businesses.

Our bonded internet solutions give your business the fast and reliable internet it needs.

Quantility Group Bonded Internet - Does it work on all devices?

Our bonded internet solutions work on any device that has internet access. From computers to mobile devices and tablets, all internet capable devices can take advantage of bonded internet.

Our experienced network engineers will work with you to ensure that all your devices are working optimally on your bonded internet solution. If there are ever any issues, our support team is just a phone call away.

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For issues big and small, we have the perfect solution.