Our purpose built Digital Display Solution offers businesses from all industries the ability to display media and advertising to customers.

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Digital Displays

A digital display solution is a combination of TVs and micro-PCs that are used to digitally display products and advertising in your store, reception or other customer facing areas in your business.

Your digital displays can be used to increase product awareness, advertise sales and campaigns. Your solution can be linked to as many displays as you require in your business.

Some of our most common uses for our Digital Display Solution are in retail, hospitality, real estate, auto repairs, and customer facing businesses. Advertise your products or showcase marketing material directly to customers as they browse your store, wait in reception, or pass by display windows.

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Display Media

Our digital display solutions accept various types of media that can be shown on the displays. This can include photos, images, videos, and music. It also offers the ability to display and alternate between different types of media.

Each display can show the same set of media files or they can show separate media altogether. They can be synced together or run seperately, with an easy to use interface.

Configuring media is simple and easy, allowing anyone with basic knowledge of using a computer to quickly customise their digital displays on the fly.

Still have questions about digital displays?

Quantility Group is always looking for innovative ways for Australian businesses to engage customers in a meaningful way.

Quantility Group Digital Displays - Is It Expensive?

Pricing varies depending on the amount of digital displays required for your business and the size of the displays you would like. One of our consultants can meet with you to discuss your ideas and work out your requirements.

We offer the ability to finance your solution so that it can be paid for in affordable monthly payments instead of one upfront payment.

Quantility Group Digital Displays - What Are The Benefits?

While there are many benefits to digital display solutions in businesses, the primary benefit is extra sales. By installing a digital display solution in your storefront or waiting area, customers are shown products that may be of interest while they wait or browse.

Having digital displays in front windows of a business can also draw in new customers off the street in to your business.

Quantility Group Digital Displays - What About Wallboards?

Wallboards are a great way to put statistics or other information in easy view of your staff. This can be sales targets for the month, status of tasks, or really anything information you could ever want to display.

We can install digital display solutions and help you to set them up to display vital information for your business. Motivate sales staff with a sales scoreboard on your wall!

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