Does your office need more data points or require extra wifi coverage?

Quantility Group Network & Cabling Switch

Network & Cabling

Our techs are experienced cablers, meaning we can run cables and install phone and data points in your office where required. We can also supply high quality wireless access points to provide complete wifi coverage in your office.

Quantility Group has a team of experienced network engineers and technicians that can handle all types of networking solutions. We handle everything from supplying hardware to complete installation and configuration.

Speak to one of our consultants today and they will tailor a solution to your business.

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Quantility Group Network & Cabling Wifi Test

Fixing Network Issues

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow network, it can reduce internet speeds and slow down file transfers. Our network engineers can visit your office and perform tests to check the quality of your network.

From there we can offer a solution to replace cables and any equipment required to increase the speed and quality of your network.

If your office is suffering from poor wifi signal, our team will ensure that all your wireless devices, no matter where they are in the office, receive the best signal possible.

Still have questions about network & cabling?

Quantility Group's network engineers specialise in establishing high speed networks that allow for quick filesharing and throughput bottleneck reduction.

Quantility Group Network Cabling - What About New Equipment?

If your networking hardware is becoming outdated Quantility Group can provide and install new hardware for your business. Including new routers, switches, servers and more – we can upgrade your network as required.

Our network engineers can even monitor your network devices to ensure they are operating optimally. We will be notified within 60 seconds if there is ever an issue that needs to be resolved.

Quantility Group Network Cabling - What Are The Benefits?

Allowing Quantility Group to install and maintain your network hardware removes the hassle for businesses who don’t have their own IT staff. We can manage everything for you, ensuring that everything just works and you can focus on your business.

We will provide a networking solution that is custom tailored to your business, meaning you have the hardware to do exactly the job you need.

Quantility Group Network Cabling - Can You Network Multiple Offices?

If you require networking solutions in multiple locations we can manage everything for you. We will tailor a solution to each location to ensure the network is meeting each locations requirements.

If you require your office locations to be on the same network our team can even implement a wireless link or VPN solution. This allows staff from all locations to access the same shared files and folders with ease.

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For issues big and small, we have the perfect solution.