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Phone Systems

A phone system is the business version of a landline phone, allowing for multiple desk phones to be attached to the system. Phone systems go beyond traditional phones, offering plenty of features tailored towards businesses.

This includes features such as digital displays, conferencing, number directories, call history, call forwarding, call information and much more.

Our phone systems are installed and fully maintained by one of our experienced technicians, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency in your business. As a Telstra Partner, if you are using Telstra as your phone provider we can even deal with all faults on your behalf.

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Phone Systems: IP Handsets

The most common phone systems are IP phones, meaning that they plug in to your network to connect to the phone system. These types of phone systems can even connect to handsets that are in different locations and even overseas.

Your phone lines plug in to the phone system, giving the handsets the ability to use multiple phone lines to make and receive calls.

If your business has multiple locations in which staff work you can install business phones at each location. This means staff can dial each other on internal extensions, transfer calls, and answer the phones as if they are in the same office.

Still have questions about phone systems?

From making it easier to communicate with your customers to communicating with each other; phone systems are a product that can provide many benefits to every business.

Quantility Group Phone Systems - Is It Expensive?

The price of a phone system varies depending on how many handsets are required for your business. Quantility Group can supply everything from small 2 handset phone systems to large setups with dozens of handsets.

We offer financing options that can make having a phone system affordable for any business with easy monthly payment options.

Quantility Group Phone Systems - What Features Are Included?

There are many features that come with a new phone system. Some great features including call attendant, which picks up the call if you don’t answer in time and presents the caller with information.

Another great feature is the ability to record calls, which helps businesses to revisit a call for clarification or a reminder on the topics discussed.

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