Is high speed internet unavailable in your area? Want to connect two locations to the same network privately? Our Wireless Links are the perfect solution for many businesses.

Quantility Group Wireless Links - Wireless Dish

Wireless Links

A wireless link is very similar to the wifi many people have in their homes and businesses except that it is used over long distances. Using wireless dishes similar to a satellite dish, we can connect two locations to the same network.

We can provide a high speed wireless link to deliver super fast internet to your business from another location. Our technicians perform the entire installation and maintenance of your wireless link and even monitor the status of the link live in case there is ever an issue.

Whether you need to connect your offices to the same network or need fast internet delivered to a location where none exists, we can help.

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Quantility Group Wireless Links - Wireless Tower

High Speed Wireless Internet

Quantility Group has wireless towers located around Australia that can deliver high speed internet to Australian businesses. If your business is suffering from slow internet speeds or high speed internet is not available, our wireless internet is the perfect solution to keep your business connected.

Our wireless internet solutions are fully maintained by our technicians and feature live monitoring, which means that if there is ever an issue with your internet connection our time will be notified within 60 seconds and begin working on a resolution.

Still have questions about wireless links?

Wireless links can open a world of opportunities for businesses with applications that extend beyond delivering high speed internet. If you would like to know more about how a wireless link can help your business, contact one of our consultants today.

Quantility Group Wireless Links - How does it work?

Our wireless links operate by pointing two or more high-powered wireless dishes at each other with pinpoint accuracy. The dishes then transmit over a chosen frequency that allow each location to connect to the same network.

Our experienced technicians can install and maintain wireless links from sourcing the hardware to maintaining the resulting network.

Quantility Group Wireless Links - How fast is it?

The speed of your wireless link is determined by many factors. These factors include; distance, obstacles, weather, link quality and more. Speeds can be as low as 10 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up and as high as 400 Mbps down, 400 Mbps up.

Our technicians have extensive experience setting up high speed wireless links.

Quantility Group Wireless Links - What are the benefits?

There are many situations where a wireless link is beneficial to your business. If your office is located in an area with little to no internet availability we can deliver high speed internet over a wireless link.

You can also connect multiple office locations to the same network via a wireless link, allowing staff to share files and documents.

Quantility Group Wireless Links - Can I link multiple locations?

Yes you can. As long as each location meets the eligibility requirements of a wireless link, such as clear line of sight, it can be linked.

Our technicians can visit each of your locations to perform a site inspection and ensure that each location is eligible for a wireless link. For each site we will install the highest speed link possible.

Quantility Group Wireless Links - How far can it reach?

The distance at which two locations can be connected via a wireless link varies based on conditions. Technically we can create a wireless link over 100km before the curve of the earth effects the link. However the environment is the biggest factor.

To effectively create a wireless link there needs to be clear line of site between the locations.

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